Our philosophy on coaching lacrosse is simple.  Learn to play lacrosse with HONOR, PASSION, and DEDICATION for the game with a focus always first on player development.  Becoming a good player is a process that takes time and requires commitment  from the player, the club team , and his coaches. During practice we will focus more on effort to make the correct lacrosse play then the outcome.  A player's biggest critic should be himself not his coaches or parents.  We believe it is important that practices are educational with a focus on developing a better lacrosse player, but also fun at the same time to keep the players coming back excited for the next practice.  We are building a team of lacrosse players and not looking for individual superstars.  The fastest player with the hardest shot does not necessarily equal the best  devloping player of the field.  The player that is willing to do the most for the team, to protect the ball at all cost when having possession is the best player in our programs beliefs.

Forever being a student of the game is something that the athlete must understand.  The sport has and will continue to change.  I have played, been a spectator, official and coach and still to this day consider myself a student of the game.  Rule interpretation is just as importantto the player learning how to pass, catch and shoot.  It is important that we learn from our mistakes.  Itis even more importnat that we learn from other player's mistakes.  Fundamentals are extremely important and will be tested and stressed throghout the year.

Lacrosse is a physical sport where getting hit by another player and a player's stick is part of the game.  It is a very easy sport to give up when you feel like things are not going your way.  However if you feel apart of the team and the goals that you make for yourself are accomplished then you will fall in love with the game.  You must also love the guys you play on the team with.  Practice drills will be set up to strengthen our team chemistry as well as developing players skill set.

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